Reed switches are used in a variety of markets and applications.Here we showcase a few of these.
Reed Switch Applications Detection Method Recommended ltem
Automobile Carburetor load sensors Detecting the pressure ORD324, ORD229
  Engine oil level、Fuel tank level、Brake fluid level、Window washer fluid level、Power steering fluid level Liquid amount detecting

ORD324, ORD228VL, ORD229


Seat belts、Sunroofs、Key lock security、Intermittent wipers

Detection position ORD324, ORD228VL, ORD229
  Power seats Detecting rotation ORD324
  Defective lamp detection sensors Induced current ORD2211
  Air bag sensor Induction shocks Shock sensor
  Engine oil、Radiators Temperature sensing ORD221
Household Appliances Humidifiers、Fan heaters Detection fluid volume ORD324, ORD229
  Flow sensors of hot water heaters Pressure sensitive ORD324, ORD229
  Security system sensors、Mobile phones、Rice cookers)、Electric toothbrushes (Switches)、Shavers (Switches) Detection position ORD324
  Gas meters、Water meters、Electric power meters、Hot water heaters Detecting rotation ORD228S-1, RA series
  Thermos-type hot water dispensers、Rice cookers Temperature sensing ORD324, ORD229
  Fan heaters Induction wind pressure ORD324, ORD229
Health supplies / Entertainment Exercise machines、Electric fishing reels 、Pedometers Detecting rotation ORD324, ORD211, ORD213
  Pedometers Induction shock ORD324, ORD211, ORD213
  Exercise machines、Thermometers 、Electric fishing reels Detection position ORD324, ORD211, ORD213
  Pachinko (Japanese pinball) machines Induction by ORD324, ORD2212
Industrial equipment Pneumatic cylinders、Vending machines Detection position ORD221, ORD314, ORD219
  Reed relays ( semiconductor testers, digital devices, automatic measurement equipments, general control systems, process control, telephone modems, vending machines ) Circuit control ORD324, ORD228VL, ORD211, ORD314 …etc
Security Door open/close status、Residence locking Detection position ORD324, ORT551